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About Diane

After closing her award-winning gallery of thirty-three years, Detroit native Diane DeCillis found herself knee-deep in her second career as an author. Before she could blink, her premier poetry collection, Strings Attached, was named a 2015 Michigan Notable Book. It is also the winner of the 2015 Next Generation Indie Book Award for Poetry, as well as a finalist for the Indie Fab Award for Poetry. The cover design for Strings Attached has been recognized as one of the very best at the 2015 Association of American University Presses (AAUP) Book, Jacket and Journal Show.


In Diane’s words: “Having had the pleasure of owning an art gallery, my writing tends to be influenced not only by the art, but the impulse for creating it. I admire writers and artists who address what it is to be human, those who explore their own quirks and vulnerabilities. Tony Hoagland comes to mind as an example of a distinctive, honest often wry voice, that speaks to the deepest part of us.

In fine art, surrealism, expressionism, and abstract expressionism interest me as the essence of poetry. The subtext of angst and loss expressed with color and movement evoke beauty, sometimes a terrible beauty. I often refer to the metaphor of pentimento, the discovery of an earlier painting hidden by another painted over it. The challenge is to get beneath the layers that obstruct the image waiting to be found. Food, psychoanalysis, pop culture, music, science, unpacking elements of loss and the impact of relationships are themes that make their way to the page.”


The Skyline of Detroit

Ambassador Bridge, Detroit—Windsor